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Do I Need an X-Ray?

Chiropractic use of x-rays has come under much scrutiny over the years. Benefits vs. disadvantage of having x-rays should be carefully weighed when considering this option. The best location for chiropractic care in Churchville MD understands the difference between necessary x-rays and ‘nice to know’ imaging information.

When X-Rays are Necessary

A chiropractic x-ray will characteristically be recommended when a fresh trauma presents in the patient; when trauma occurs in mature years ranging from 50 to 70 years and over—especially where osteoporosis is associated with a potential fracture.

An x-ray is necessary when spinal deformation is suspected due to back pain from spondylarthritis, or when progression of a spinal deformity is evident. When an x-ray will benefit ongoing treatment or patient referral by providing vital information, this will be recommended.

When x-rays are Not Warranted

Chiropractors will not necessarily recommend an x-ray for routine back pain. A thorough examination will establish soft tissue damage or spinal disc injury, in which case an x-ray is not essential.

X-rays are not essential for exploratory purposes to confirm a diagnosis. Also, x-rays are not needed to rule out a particular pathology to confirm a diagnosis.

Cases Where X-Rays Should Not be Done

Chiropractic x-rays should not be ordered when the patient is pregnant or to monitor patient response to treatment. Similarly, an x-ray is not warranted for back pain when present for under 6 weeks, and in the absence of a precise clinical diagnosis.

X-Ray Benefits and Risks

Some benefits of having an x-ray include the detection of spinal lesions or tumor. Visual aids support comprehensive treatment of the spine when establishing the extent of manipulation to be undertaken. If a posterior pelvic tilt is suspected, an x-ray provides a clear image of how this problem impacts the spine and back pain.

X-ray risks include radiation from ionization exposure that can contribute to cancer development in the long-term. Some patients see their x-rays and may become despondent, leading to a reduced sense of well being.

Healthbridge offers onsite x-rays for chiropractic care in Churchville MD, which encompasses major benefits for chiropractic patients. Patients no longer need to go elsewhere to obtain an x-ray, adding to the convenience of their treatment. Save on travel time, waiting and costs by having x-rays done onsite.

Contact Healthbridge Chiropractic for relief of health problems and when x-rays are recommended to support treatment.

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