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What is a Posture Screening?

If you are experiencing back pain, foot pain, knee pain, swelling of the Achilles tendon, or shin splints, a posture screening will determine how well your muscles and joints are working together. If there are imbalances, a chiropractor will find a solution. The best way to find the root of your pain is through a posture screening. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Belcamp MD to have a posture assessment, Healthbridge Chiropractor offers this service.

What Happens During A Posture Assessment

The way you hold your body when you’re standing, lying down, and sitting is known as your posture. It functions best when your weight is evenly distributed to your muscles, joints, and spine. If you are out of alignment, you will face discomfort in one or more areas of your body.

During a posture assessment, a therapist will analyze how your body is functioning and moving. The therapist will analyze the overall alignment of your lower limbs statically and dynamically. They will identify any abnormalities or compensations that have occurred in order to treat the underlying causes of the pain you are experiencing.

This posture screening will address corrections that are needed. Lifestyle changes such as incorporating more stretching into your daily routine will be advised. Each case is different, so the treatment plans for each patient will vary. The therapist will discuss the solution for you in great depth.

The Benefits of A Posture Screening

The benefits of a posture screening include increased flexibility, improved core stability, backache prevention, improved weight and balance transference, and stabilized joints and bones in the correct postural alignment. The therapist may also recommend appropriate footwear to further relieve your discomfort.

A posture assessment is for everyone. We all have accumulated good and bad habits over time whether it’s hunching over a computer for hours a day or doing daily exercises to maintain correct posture. An assessment will bring attention to the habits that are harming your posture. A chiropractor in Belcamp MD such as Healthbridge Chiropractic can help relieve your pain today.

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