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Using Physiotherapy in Chiropractic Care

It may surprise you to learn that physiotherapy, or physical therapy, often works alongside and with chiropractic care. Depending on your unique situation, pains, and needs, the doctor may employ a variety of techniques and recommendations to best serve you, but in most cases, that plan will involve a blend of physiotherapy and chiropractic care. Read on to learn more about how a Churchville chiropractor, Healthbridge Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, can best aid you.

Using Physiotherapy in Chiropractic Care

Though many patients come to us without extensive knowledge of our field of service, we’re happy to explain! The best care for you starts with the doctors at Healthbridge outlining their plan for treatment based on the issues and complaints you detail during your initial consultation. Following that, it’s likely that you will see a mix of chiropractic and physical therapy techniques in your treatment with us.

The reason for this is that these two fields are complimentary, and therefore mesh extremely well when utilized by a qualified doctor, like our team at Healthbridge. Using both of these types of care and therapy in your personalized plan makes for a more complete recovery period, meaning an easier time for you.

There are differences between these two types of care, of course, but because they work well together, they are often employed together by health professionals. For example, your chiropractor may perform adjustments and then advise you to regularly perform certain movements or exercises as needed. Whatever your case, our team will evaluate and outline detailed treatment involving a level of chiropractic care and physiotherapy that is right for you.

Complete Care from a Churchville Chiropractor

From evaluation through to your rehabilitation, our doctors are well-trained in the fields of chiropractic care and physical therapy, and are ready to sit down with you to determine the best course of action to move forward. At Healthbridge Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we may make suggestions for physical therapy movements and exercises that are complimentary to our chiropractic care. Because we have a diverse suite of services and techniques, we can recommend and implement the one that is best for you. Get in touch today to learn more!

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