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The Practice of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is treatment whose goal is to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient’s mobility. It helps patients with physical rehabilitation, preventing injuries, and health and fitness. It gives the patient an active role in their recovery. The techniques used in physiotherapy include movement, manipulation, exercise, and manual therapy. Physiotherapy plays a big role in the field of chiropractic care and may play a part when you go to your Abingdon MD chiropractor for help with back pain and much more.

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Care

It is a good idea to get physiotherapy at a chiropractor’s office because not only do they adjust spines, they also help with joint, muscle, and nerve pain in any part of the body. When you visit your chiropractor, they can also help you with physiotherapy treatment. They can help you get your function, mobility, and well-being back. They do this by treating you with physical rehabilitation, preventing injuries, and health and fitness. Before you start physiotherapy, it is important to know the process of it.

The Process of Physiotherapy

After your initial assessment, your chiropractor will create a treatment plan for you.

What Your Physiotherapy Treatment Plan May Include:

Your physiotherapy treatment plan may include electrical muscle stimulation, manual therapy, cryotherapy, infrared heat and soft tissue mobilization. We also have two massage therapists on the premises that we work with to get stubborn cases better faster. It is also very likely that your physiotherapist at your Abingdon MD chiropractor office will give you some exercises for you to do in your home as well as advice and tips to help you with your recovery.
In regards to how many physiotherapy visits you may need, your physiotherapist will give you an anticipated idea of what your expected recovery will be after they perform your initial assessment. Typically, if you do not show any signs of improvement after five visits, they may discuss further options with you at that time. If your Abingdon MD chiropractor does not think that they can help with the symptoms that you are experiencing, they will tell you why and can contact your physician or healthcare professional if you permit them to do so.
When your physiotherapy treatment plan at your Abingdon MD chiropractor office is complete, your therapist may give you some exercises that you can do at home. These exercises may include good lower back exercises that consist of a variety of stretches and lunges in sitting, standing, and lying down positions. They may also recommend that you do neck exercises like neck rotations and head tilting. If your injury is a result of activities of daily living like heavy lifting or having a bad posture while sitting at your desk at work, your physiotherapy can give ideas and tips to make the circumstances better and to prevent you from getting hurt again.

Physiotherapy Provided by an Abingdon MD Chiropractor

If you feel that you can benefit from physiotherapy, you can contact HealthBridge Chiropractic and the staff there will be more glad to help you with your physiotherapy needs.

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