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What are Corrective Exercises?

When you visited an Abingdon chiropractor, not only do we give you the care and consideration that you seek when you come to use for treatment, but through our expertise, we provide you with an individualized treatment plan. Sometimes the treatment plan entails corrective exercises, which are not the same thing as physical therapy.

What Are Corrective Exercises?

Corrective exercises are a vital part of the treatment plans we provide our patients. They help strengthen muscles so that adjacent muscles don’t need to overwork and overcorrect for an issue. This helps joints to have a better range of motion and keeps the spine aligned as well. Corrective exercise relieves muscle weakness, tension, and overuse.

How Do Corrective Exercises Help?

Let’s say you work all day on the computer. You may either slouch in a chair or you lean forward to get closer to the screen. Your arms are also extended in front of you for a significant length of time but rested on the keyboard. Your back requires good posture to prevent injury, misalignment, and tension. When you don’t practice good posture, not only does it affect the muscles and vertebrae in your back, but it affects muscles, joints, and ligaments in your neck, shoulders, hips, and down to your feet.

What Kind Of Corrective Exercises Will An Abingdon Chiropractor Give Me?

Your chiropractor will recommend exercises tailored to your individual needs. These exercises range anywhere from simple stretches, mobility exercises to endurance activities. Corrective exercises can be anything from squats, lunges, running, walking, or even toe touches.

How Are Corrective Exercises Different From Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy treatments are always supervised and take place while you are visiting your physical therapist. That’s usually done to measure your progress and ensure you’re performing the exercise correctly. A corrective exercise is something a patient can do on their own without someone supervising their efforts. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to do your corrective exercises.

An Abingdon Chiropractor You can Trust

Nobody should live in discomfort, an Abingdon chiropractor is here for you. Contact Dr. Jason Menges at Healthbridge Chiropractic & Rehabilitation today for an appointment and see what differences corrective exercises can make in your life. A healthier, more comfortable life is just one visit away.

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