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How Posture Exercises Can Relieve Back Pain

Some common causes of back pain include strain, sprain, and medical conditions such as osteoporosis. In fact, not being physically fit can make a person more likely to experience back pain. If you or a loved one have this problem, our chiropractor Bel Air MD could give you advice and treatment. Here’s how to help relieve back pain with posture exercises.

How Posture Exercises Can Relieve Back Pain

Certain exercises can aid in the relief of back pain by improving posture. When the muscles that contribute to posture are overly tight, this can lead to pain and bad posture. For one, by stretching your muscles, you can improve balance, build strength, and increase flexibility. This reduces muscle pain and enhances posture. A chiropractor can recommend simple posture exercises you can do at home.

Types of Posture Exercises

One of the biggest causes of lower back pain is poor posture. For one, professional athletes and those who sit at a desk all day can experience a backache that never seems to end. By implementing the right exercises, you can decrease tension, increase strength, and enhance posture. For one, you can ease lower back pain by doing posture exercises such as bird dog, partial crunches, cat cow, child’s pose, and others. Another great way to help posture is to use a foam roller. After placing it on the ground, you can use it to roll your upper back and shoulder muscles. Although this exercise may cause feelings of discomfort from loosening the shoulder and neck tissues, you should see a doctor if you experience more pain afterward.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

A chiropractor can pinpoint your problem and teach you exercises designed to increase strength in certain areas of your body. You can use these simple exercises to prevent discomfort and pain later on. He or she can also give helpful lifestyle advice so you can change any harmful habits you may have to healthy habits. Chiropractors can also use physiotherapy, posture and spinal screenings, and on-site x-ray to treat your problem.

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