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Back Exercises You Can do from Home

Staying in shape can be difficult, especially when we’re all stuck at home. While it might feel like the time to take it easy, your body relies on you to remain healthy. Increased pain during this time unfortunately makes sense when you think about your routine, which may include a lot of time hunched over laptops and smartphones. If you want to prevent these issues, then the best course of action is to begin to incorporate back exercises into your day-to-day life. Try these methods of keeping the back flexible and pain free as recommended by a highly-rated chiropractor in Fallston MD.

Consider These Back Exercises for a Home Workout

“The Superman”

Lay down on a flat surface with your belly against the floor. Stretch your arms outward above your head and make sure that your legs are stretched out as well. From there, simply recreate Superman’s famous pose as you lift your arms and legs off the ground. Repeat as much as you can, but remember to take it slow and to pause if you feel any pain.


Planks are a foundational exercise for increasing the strength of your core. It’s a classic movement that can help to strengthen your back as well, making it more pain-resistant the more you are able to practice. Hold your position for as long as it’s comfortable, making sure to “listen” for signs from your body that you need to adjust.


Though often done with a machine specific to the exercise, rows can also be done at home using weights. Simply sit down on a chair with weights on both your left and right side. Pick them up and recreate a rowing motion by pushing and pulling the weights at chest height. Make sure you are using weights that are a challenge, but which don’t overly strain your muscles.

Help from an Experienced Chiropractor in Fallston MD

Back exercises are a great way to remain healthy while at home, but they may not be all that you need to free yourself of chronic back pain. If you are struggling with pain, then it may be time to find a chiropractor in Fallston MD for care. Contact Healthbridge Chiropractic to schedule an appointment and learn how we have helped many patients learn what it means to be pain free.

“Thank you Dr Menges and all the wonderful staff at Healthbridge Chiropractic. You guys are the best!”
Mary M.

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