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Why Does My Neck Hurt?

When you have neck pain, even the simplest task is uncomfortable. For most people, neck pain is only a temporary problem. However, chronic neck pain is a sign that something is wrong. If you don’t know the source of your neck pain, you may find relief with chiropractic care in Abingdon. Continue reading to learn more about what causes neck pain, home treatment, and how chiropractic care can help.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

The number one neck pain symptom is a stiff neck that causes pain when you move your head. You may find holding up your head is difficult. Accompanying muscle spasms are not uncommon. Some people also experience headaches, especially if the cause is disease-related.

Causes of Neck Pain

For most people, neck pain happens when they make an unusual move that strains the neck muscles. Injuries such as whiplash also cause neck pain. However, many people with chronic neck pain have bone and joint problems, such as arthritis. Age-related changes in the spine and neck can cause pinched nerves. Diseases like meningitis also cause neck pain and require immediate treatment from a doctor.

Things You Can do to Get Relief on Your Own

If your chronic neck pain does not go away, look at things you might be doing that make the problem worse. For example, poor posture at a computer can cause neck problems. If you find your neck mostly hurts when you are at work, then see if you can adjust your space, so your head is more aligned while you work.

Many people find temporary relief with joint or muscle pain relief rubs as well as heating or cooling pads. Certain exercises to strengthen the neck and upper back muscles can keep neck pain at a minimum. However, don’t try to do these exercises while you are in pain.

Ways Chiropractic Care in Abingdon Can Help

If you experience chronic or long-term neck pain, then Healthbridge Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can help. We have an experienced team and use a whole-person approach to chiropractic care. We will perform an examination and determine a course of treatment. If you can’t get relief from your neck pain on your own, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

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