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Travel Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain (Or Cause It)

As summer wraps up, and more and more places open, travel may once again be on your mind. Traveling can be great for getting away from everyday life, but it can carry more than just financial expenses. Traveling can also cause various body aches, from neck pain to leg cramps and back pain. A skilled chiropractor in Baldwin can offer some tips on how to avoid pain from traveling.

How Traveling Causes Pain

When traveling long distances in a car, bus, train, or plane, you’re usually seated for long periods of time, without much ability to get up and stretch. Often, trying to sleep while sitting can cause neck pain, back pain, or leg cramps. Neck pillows don’t always reduce neck pain, and a lack of legroom can cause your legs to ache. There are things you can do, such as visiting a chiropractor in Baldwin Maryland, before and after your trip to get advice as to how to best prepare for a pain-free trip. A chiropractor might advise you on some of the following stretches and exercises as well to mediate the discomfort.

How to Treat Travel Pain

Preparing for travel is more than just packing a bag. Simple stretches can help prevent discomfort. If you can stop along your route (or your mode of transportation takes scheduled stops, take advantage of this opportunity to stretch), then you should do so to take a break and perform some of the following:

1. Side Stretch: From a standing position, bend your torso to one side and hold for a few seconds. Return your body to an upright position and bend to the other side and hold for a few seconds. As you do this stretch, make sure you are moving slowly and smoothly to ease the pressure without over-exerting yourself.

2. Toe Raise: Stand with your feet spread approximately hip-width apart and raise your heels off the floor and stand on the balls of your feet while squeezing your toes and legs, then lower your heels. Do this as many times as you can.

3. Seated Twist: While gripping your seat or armrest and keeping your face forward, twist your body slowly from side to side. This stretch will get blood flowing, release tension, and help reduce pain.

When You Return, Visit a Chiropractor in Baldwin

When you return from your trip, it’s a good idea to visit a chiropractor, especially if you are experiencing a lot of pain from traveling. If you are in the Baldwin MD area, you can find excellent chiropractic care at Healthbridge Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Don’t let pain keep you from traveling this year!

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