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Top Tips To Prevent Tech Neck

Do you spend a lot of time looking down at your laptop or tablet? Do you find, at the end of a long day, that your neck hurts? If you do, you are probably suffering from something most chiropractors would call tech neck. Tech neck is common among people who work in an office or people who spend a lot of time on their electronics. Over time, tech neck can extend down your spine causing issues with your posture and chronic pain because your body will become used to this very unnatural position. Fortunately, a Forest Hill chiropractor can help you to work through this common modern issue.

Common Habits that Cause Tech Neck

It isn’t hard to see how easily tech neck is caused. As mentioned, if you spend a frequent amount of time on a tablet, laptop, or phone you will probably start to suffer from tech neck. To demonstrate, hold your neck up as if you were talking to someone. Now, look at your phone or laptop. The drastic shift in your posture is what leads to tech neck. Every inch that the head movies down forces the neck to deal with more weight and leaning down to read a laptop adds a lot of stress on the neck and spine.

How to Prevent Tech Neck

Now that you are aware of what tech neck, is your next goal should be to prevent it. A Forest Hill chiropractor can help you with correct posture and pain, but it is up to you to reduce the amount of stress on your neck. Some simple adjustments in the way you conduct your day are all it takes. Make it a point to take a five to ten-minute break every hour to get out of your seat and stand. A short walk is helpful if you can. Figure out one task you can do standing up each day- and then do it. For instance, maybe take your phone calls standing up or check your email while standing. Finally, invest in some ergonomic office equipment that will help encourage proper neck posture.

How a Forest Hill Chiropractor Can Help With Tech Neck

If your sore neck is starting to disrupt your daily activities or if you are finding it difficult to move your neck then it is time to talk to a healthcare provider. A Forest Hill Chiropractor can help you find relief from the pain and help realign your spine. Contact Healthbridge Chiropractic & Rehabilitation today to schedule a consultation.

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