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Why Flexibility is Important to Health

Flexibility is something people strive for, but it’s not easy to attain. Physical flexibility, unfortunately, gets harder with age. This is why finding chiropractic care in Harford County, MD is so important! Let’s discuss the benefits of flexibility and ways that you can become more flexible ASAP.

Better Balance and Posture

Stretches and targeted treatment improve posture because they correct imbalances in muscular tissue by strengthening and lengthening muscle fibers. Increased strength and flexibility lead to an increased range of motion, which assists in standing and sitting in ways that encourage good posture.

Less Risk of Injury

A strong and flexible body can simply avoid injury better than one that’s tense and strained. Addressing an imbalance with muscles through exercise and routine chiropractic care helps almost anyone become more flexible and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Less Pain

If you’re experiencing chronic muscle ache, consider regular chiropractic treatment and flexibility exercises. People with greater stretching abilities are generally less inclined to feel muscular aches. Relaxed muscle tissue retains less tension, which results in fewer cramps and less pain.

Hamstring Stretch

Start by placing your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your knees relaxed and bent just slightly. Bend down slowly and let your head gradually descend towards the floor. Grab your back legs and try holding the position for about two minutes.

Frog Stretch

Begin by placing yourself on your hands and knees. Turn your toes outward and make sure your feet’s inner edges are flat and parallel with the floor. Move your hips back and forth, toward and way from your feet. Try holding the position for roughly two minutes.

Butterfly Stretch

Sit straight up on the floor while keeping the soles of your feet pressed together. Grasp your feet or lower ankles and gradually lower your torso down as far as possible without straining yourself. As with the other stretches mentioned, try holding the position for about two minutes.

Chiropractic Care in Harford County, MD

Consider adding the stretches above to your exercise routine for increased flexibility. If you want to achieve even more flexibility, then contact Healthbridge Chiropractic & Rehabilitation for quality chiropractic care in Harford County, MD.

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