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Traveling for the Holidays? Here are Some Tips from Your Chiropractor!

Many people travel for the holidays, but that travel can be tough on your spine!  Here are some travel tips from a Fallston chiropractor to minimize any back or neck pain from traveling this holiday season.

Driving for the Holidays

Let us start with some of the common pains that come with driving over long distances to visit family. If you’re driving, be sure to take frequent breaks and stop every two hours or so. Make sure to get out of the car and stretch, as well as walk around as much as possible, to avoid getting stiff or sore. You don’t have to travel far from your car to get a good stretch that will help keep those muscles loose! In fact, just walking around and getting your joints and muscles moving will help.

Flying for the Holidays

When you travel by plane, sit up straight and be aware of how you position yourself during the flight. You want to keep your head up, and chin tucked down toward your chest. If you’re flying in a middle seat or window seat, try to recline your chair only when the plane is stationary. Also, before takeoff, pull the seat belt as snug as possible and keep it tight during travel.

You should continue to maintain a neutral posture while standing in line for a plane, should you do so before the flight. Additionally, while you travel by plane, you should also monitor your posture when picking up and lifting luggage. Make sure to lift by keeping your shoulders back: this forces the spine to stay straight while picking up travel bags, so there is no strain or stress on joints and muscles.

Neutral position for travel is important, since our bodies become very unbalanced and out of sync when we travel, which can lead to problems such as lower back, neck, and leg pain. As such, be sure to travel this holiday season comfortably!

Contact Your Fallston Chiropractor

If you frequently travel, perhaps seeing a chiropractor before the trip will ease any pre-travel anxieties you may have. It can help with travel discomfort by providing specific adjustments needed for travel, so the body works in the most efficient way possible. Finally, your chiropractor can offer advice as to how you can most comfortably drive or fly to your destination with some helpful tips about posture, stretches, and more.

If you are unsure of how to travel without aches and pains, make sure to contact your Fallston Chiropractor first.  We at Healthbridge Chiropractic and Rehabilitation can give you travel tips and ensure you travel pain free!

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