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Steps to Take After Your First Chiropractic Appointment

Depending on your previous conditions, you may notice changes in your body after your first chiropractic appointment. Here are some things to keep in mind and look out for. If you need a chiropractor Belcamp MD, HealthBridge Chiropractic has the tools and experience to aid you on your road to recovery.

The Days Following Your Appointment

It’s recommended that you do not mix treatment. If you just had your first chiropractic appointment, do not go for massage therapy or a reiki session. This is so you can assess the effect the single, initial treatment had on your system. Your chiropractor needs to evaluate the improvement they had on your first adjustment alone. Pay attention to your body. Do you notice any changes in your emotional or mental states? What about in your posture? Do your muscle sensations feel different? As your body re-organizes itself, you may find you’re standing taller or sitting differently.

It’s even more important now than ever to stay properly hydrated. Water nourishes the discs between vertebrae and keeps your spine flexible and supple.

The Weeks Following Your Appointment

Your body is likely used to the changes at this point, which means now you have to maintain them. Avoid sitting for long periods of time. You need to keep your spine in motion so it maintains its alignment. Stretch and take thirty-minute walks. When you’re sitting, distribute your weight evenly on both hips, keep your knees even with them, and plant your feet on the floor. Remember to not wait longer than three weeks in between each chiropractic adjustment.

The Months Following Your Appointment

Your customized plan is in place at this point and you should be visiting the chiropractor frequently. When your chiropractor asks you questions and gives you recommendations on improving your overall health, always be honest and follow their tips. This is how you’ll obtain optimal results.

Looking for A Chiropractor in Belcamp MD?

At Healthbridge Chiropractic, we focus on boosting your health now to prevent pain in the future. First, we’ll address what’s causing you pain. Then, we’ll work on correcting it. Finally, we’ll create a strategy for a healthy lifestyle that will keep you feeling good. For more information or to start your journey toward wellness today, click here!

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