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How to Ease Back Pain at Work

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people are absent from work. In general, some causes of back pain are activity, some medical conditions, and injury. A Fallston MD chiropractor can help if you suffer from back pain or other problems. Consider how to decrease back pain at work.

How Being at Work Can Cause Back Pain

If your back hurts at work, there’s likely a good reason. Indeed, you could suffer from back pain due to having poor posture while sitting at a desk for many hours with inadequate back support. Other work-related causes of back pain include incorrect lifting, poor ergonomics, strains, sprains, and more.

Decrease Back Pain with Stretches and Exercises

You can do stretches in your desk chair such as neck rotations, shoulder shrugs, or seated spinal rotation. Besides this, be sure to take deep breaths, stretch every half hour, and go for walks when you have breaks. If your office has enough space, you can use a standing desk. Although a standing desk won’t correct serious problems such as a bulging disc or scoliosis, it can keep you from sitting too long. It can reduce the pressure on your lower back and enhance posture. Further, going outside can ease back pain. This is because you’ll have a chance to get active, decrease stress, improve oxygen levels, get some vitamin D, and feel healthier. Going for a nice 15-minute walk outdoors can be highly beneficial to your health. Before doing new stretches or exercises, it can be important to check with a chiropractor first.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Seeing a chiropractor for back pain could be helpful since chiropractors have plenty of knowledge and experience in their field. For example, a chiropractor can use spinal manipulation to find the source of your pain. This can improve your range of motion. By getting to the root cause, he can fix the real issue. Dealing with back pain now can make it easier to focus and stay productive at work each day.

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