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Habits You Didn’t Know Were Affecting Your Posture

We often have habits that, unbeknownst to us, are causing us physical harm. These can be fixed with simple adjustments to posture, or a change in exercise regimen, when appropriate. If you need chiropractic care Abingdon MD, Healthbirdge Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can ease your pain.

Posture Issues and Lifestyle Advice

If you find yourself wrapping your ankles around the leg of a chair, this causes muscular changes in the ankle because the ankle is rolling too far inwards. This can cause the muscles on the outside of your leg to shorten as well. To fix this, use a resistance band and do 10 rotations clockwise and another 10 counterclockwise. Make sure the movement is coming from your ankle rather than your toes.

Another everyday habit that is ruining your posture is when you crane your neck to look at your phone. This is straining your muscles. It will lead to pain in the neck and shoulders and decrease the range of motion through the cervical spine. Do a thoracic bridge and band pull-aparts to avoid long-term issues.

Postures such as slouching can cause serious issues. It causes neck and shoulder soreness as well as shallow breathing due to a depressed chest cavity. Someone who is stressed will normally have this type of posture with their head facing down. You can do shoulder rolls and increase your core strength to restore balance in your body.

Lastly, if you sit for long periods of time, then your gluteals will become weak and your hip flexors will shorten. Take regular walking and stretching breaks. This will increase your lower abdomen muscles, reduce rib flaring, and allow your shoulders to retract more naturally. Deadlifts are a helpful exercise to strengthen the upper back as well as the gluteals.

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We can help you by suggesting lifestyle changes that will help you feel better. Our goal is to help you be healthy and happy, so we will identify practices and habits that are both helpful and realistic for your lifestyle. Give us a call or fill out this form to schedule an appointment with us today!

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