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Back Pain While Working from Home

Times have changed, and if you’re like many people in Maryland and throughout the country, you’ve been tasked to work part-time or full-time from home, instead of going into the office. However, many people don’t have an ergonomic office set-up at home, leading to back pain. If you find yourself stiff and sore, then know that you don’t have to be miserable forever! A chiropractor in Abingdon and surrounding areas can help reduce back pain with the following tips.

Risks For Increased Back Pain

At work, you may have an ergonomic office chair and a desk situated at the correct height. Working from home, you may be at your kitchen table, breakfast bar, or even on your couch. None of these places are good for prolonged sitting, typing, and making sales calls and customer follow-ups.

Even if you have a home office, most people don’t use it for 8+ hours per day and may not have a great set up even in that designated space, thereby creating problems for your back as time goes on.

Better Habits To Reduce Back Pain

No matter where you’re working from home, take breaks every hour to walk around for a few minutes and get the blood flowing. You can also do some gentle yoga stretches to elongate the back and stretch sore legs. Gently roll your neck and circle your arms at the shoulders to reduce tension. Finally, twist at the waist and hold to reduce back stiffness and strain in the muscles around the spine.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Me to Reduce Back Pain?

While at-home stretches can help, prolonged poor posture can cause your spine, neck, shoulder blades, and pelvis to settle out of proper alignment. Your chiropractor in Abingdon can help by gently stretching and engaging the muscles to re-align your back to get things into shape again.

Besides helping you feel better and reducing muscle and spine issues, your chiropractor can also give you tips on how to work healthier and ways to improve your seated posture to reduce back pain.

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